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    Saturday, October 14, 2017

    UK: Muslim screaming about Allah threatens people with machete, cops say not terror-related

    THIS is the chilling moment a brave grandmother confronted a knifeman brandishing a machete on the streets of Newcastle. Police were called to the Walker area of the city at around 10.50am this morning following reports of a man threatening passers-by with a knife.

    An eye-witness said the woman had bravely stepped in to reason with the man as he attacked nearby property during the rampage.

    A man was arrested at the scene – around three miles from Newcastle city centre – and taken into custody.

    It is understood the incident was linked to a domestic feud.

    A Northumbria Police spokesman said no-one had been injured in the disturbance and enquiries are ongoing.

    False social media reports stated the man had been shouting ‘Allah’ and police stressed the incident was in no way terror-related….

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