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    Monday, October 16, 2017

    Muslim American Attorney Advocates Sharia Law for Sexual Abuse Cases

    This morning, in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that is upsetting both Hollywood and Washington D.C., The Independent published an article entitled, How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals. 

    The article is written by American civil rights attorney and Muslim American activist Qasim Rashid, who claims to have a “special interest in advocating for women’s rights” and states that his “advocacy is informed not just by the law, but by strategies detailed in Islamic teachings and the Prophet Muhammad’s example to pre-empt sexual abuse.”

    In possibly one of the worst pieces of propaganda and taqiyya to ever hit the mainstream, Rashid advocates for Sharia to be the American legal baseline when dealing with sexual harassment and abuse in the West. The author scolds Christian congressmen who preach “empty dogmatic theories” and promises that Islam already has a “proven secular model to deal with these issues.” You read that correctly – an American attorney is advocating that Sharia law take over American jurisprudence when it comes to sexual issues. How can one be licensed to uphold the Constitution when their values are diametrically opposed to it?

    Rashid starts the article by accusing our Commander-in-Chief of achieving the “pinnacle of success despite the decades long testimony of sexual abuse and rape from dozens of women.” The article also accuses a slew of other republican men who have never been formally charged or convicted of a crime, such as Bill O’Reilly, of contributing to a society that advances rape culture.

    Of course, Rashid conspicuously forgets to mention Democrats who are actually convicted sexual predators and pedophiles, such as Anthony Weiner. Weiner is the husband of Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman and Muslim Brotherhood associate, Huma Abedin. He is currently sentenced to prison for sending explicit photographs to underage girls, with one of the photographs taken next to his infant son in bed. Weiner cannot be within 150 feet of a school, which is why this photograph shows Weiner walking his son to school and saying goodbye from a corner across from the street. There is also Jeffrey Epstein, and lets not forget the former President William Jefferson Clinton, who disgraced the Oval Office and was impeached for lying about it.

    Read more at dailymail.co.uk

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