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    Saturday, October 14, 2017

    Finally America is winning! President Trump KILLS Obamacare

    I told everybody that President Trump would thankfully kill Obamacare, and he just made a fatal thrust. Obamacare was dead on arrival. Obama knew that, but hoped that America would have succumbed to government-controlled healthcare by now. Had we elected crooked Hillary Clinton, Obama may have gotten his wish.

    Without the fleecing of the taxpayers, Obamacare couldn’t survive. Trillions of dollars down a black hole, and America would have nothing to show for it. That is, unless an even more grotesquely bloated government counts.

    President Trump went through the normal channels to repeal and replace Obamacare. However, the no-dick Republicans proved to be incompetent at best, and his enemy at worst. I suggest they represent both.

    Finally, the president has had enough. So according to NBC,

    The Trump administration will immediately stop making critically important payments to insurers who sell Obamacare health plans, a bombshell move that is expected to spike premium prices and potentially lead many insurers to exit the marketplace.

    The decision to end the billions of dollars worth of so-called cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments came after months of threats by President Donald Trump to do just that. The news came only hours after Trump signed an executive order that Obamacare advocates said could badly harm the individual insurance marketplaces.

    Those advocates, along with insurers, health-care provider groups, patient groups and officials in many states, have expressed concerns for months that the cost-sharing reimbursements would be cut off by Trump.
    What a great strategic move!

    Cut off the head of the snake. The gravy train has ended, and Democrats can no longer help their constituents rip off the hardworking, taxpaying citizens.

    The Democrats are already spinning this move by President Trump as raising the price of healthcare.

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