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    Saturday, August 5, 2017

    Muslim Immigrants Block the Roads, What They Do Next to the Driver is Horrifying

    Even though the left is unwilling to admit it, there is enough evidence out there to prove that Islam is not a peaceful religion. This latest report proves that even further as some Muslim illegal immigrants were seen blocking the road with pieces of a broken tree to rob a truck driver, merely doing his job.

    The dashcam footage showed how they mobbed him and tried to blatantly steal his vehicle. The driver not knowing what the situation was about, slowed down, showing concern, however, as he realized these people were out to get him he decided to try to escape.

    The driver managed to escape unharmed, however, the illegal immigrants threw stones and other objects in his truck as he fled, being that they were angry that they failed at their attempt to rob his truck.

    You can watch the video in full below, where you can see the tragic scenes where a truck driver was almost murdered, viewer discretion is advised.

    This was not the first time these people managed to do this, a week before this incident they managed to murder a truck driver like this in the road.

    Even though their immigration generates more violence within the country, they do nothing to collaborate and help their own image, with acts such as these it’s hard to find a place in the world that will be happy to take Muslims.

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