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    Monday, August 21, 2017

    Bill Gates Builds urgently Nuclear Bunker, Tells Staff To Leave The Country

    Bill Gates urgently ordered the construction of a nuclear bunker at his Seattle property and has advised long term employees to leave the United States “before the following weekend”, says a member of his staff.

    “He didn’t say how long we should be away, but he said we should definitely leave before the following weekend,” said Mr Hall, a pool technician, who says he watched the construction of the nuclear bunker and explains it is large enough to comfortably hold “a handful of people only.”

    “Besides the nuclear bunker, several smaller tunnels and bunkers were built underneath the main residence, connecting them up to form a small underground fortress.”

    While the super-rich are definitely no strangers to large subterranean construction, the timing and nature of Bill Gates’ construction has raised eyebrows.

    Explaining that the bunker has entrances and exits large enough for vehicles, as well as escape tunnels, decontamination rooms, Swiss-made air purifiers and bulletproof hatches, Bill Gates apparently approved of the final construction only after being repeatedly assured he and two others would survive in the underground structure in the event of a 500,000-pound blast.

    More info at yournewswire.com

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