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    Thursday, July 13, 2017

    WOW! Selfless London cabbies give up day's work to take special needs kids from Chingford to Southend

    A 100-strong convoy of black cabs are returning for their annual adventure taking special needs and underprivileged kids to the seaside. For 80 years the London Taxidrivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children’s (LTFUC) has been taking deserving children to Southend for the day.

    To mark the special milestone this year, the fleet of taxis first gathered this morning at the Low Hall Sainsbury’s car park, in Walthamstow Avenue, Chingford.

    More than 300 children then jumped in the balloon-laden and brightly decorated black cabs.

    That's the spirit!

    Raymond Levy from LTFUC said many of the children in the convoy have never been to the seaside before and might not come again.

    He added: “The purpose of it is to give the children a good fun and happy day full of laughter by the sea.

    “We want to get the children out of their environment, away from their schools, their homelife and their problems just for the day.

    “This is our 80th outing and the charity has been going for 89 years now.”

    The merry band will be heading to Cliffs Pavilion for lunch, and after all the hungry children and cabbies are well-fed they will take on the Southend’s amusement park Adventure Island.

    Mr Levy said: “All the children will have a go on the rides but I think the drivers are looking forward to the rides more than the kids.”

    Once the children are tired out they will return to Cliffs Pavillion for a disco and the winner of best decorated taxi will be announced.

    Mr Levy said he would like to thank all the “wonderful taxi drivers” for giving up a day’s work in this “harsh climate”

    He added: “A big thank you must also be paid to the staff at Low Hall Sainsbury’s, Cliffs Pavilion and Adventure Island.”

    ““Without these fabulous cabbies and people this beautiful outing wouldn’t be possible.”

    More info at guardian-series.co.uk

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