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    Monday, July 31, 2017

    Putin believes ending bloodshed in Syria is crucial

    (TASS) An end to bloodshed and the establishment of conditions for a political settlement under the UN auspices are the number one task in Syria, Vladimir Putin told a news conference after talks with Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto on Thursday.

    The Syrians will then choose their future way of life on their own, Putin added.

    “We proceed from the assumption that it is most important to put an end to bloodshed and ensure the necessary conditions for a peace political settlement,” Putin said. “After that the Syrians will make a decision through a wide dialogue under the UN auspices and on the basis of the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2254 what kind of country they will live in.”

    The Russian leader said that he would discuss Syrian settlement with his Finnish counterpart in the course of the current visit. Putin also said that he briefed Niinisto in detail on the current developments related with the intra-Ukrainian crisis.

    He said Russia appreciated the Finnish partners’ wish to conduct an independent and balanced foreign policy.

    “We regard it is an important factor for stability in the north of Europe. And, of course, we are prepared to continue the dialogue with Finland and all other countries concerned over ways of enhancing stability in the region,” Putin said.

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